Monday, May 10, 2010

Mates, Dates, A Secret Story by Cathy Hopkins

At last the full story of Tony and Lucy’s romance can be revealed...

Dad slowed down the car as the traffic lights changed and it was then that I saw him. A vision of boy babeness. Dark. Handsome. Chiselled jaw. My heart sped up. It did a boom banga bang in my chest.

‘So what do you think of Lucy and Izzie?’ asked Nesta.
‘Sweet,’ I said.
‘Both of them?’
‘Which is which again?’

Tony has no idea that he is about to fall for the lively, elfin Lucy. But the course of true love never did run smooth – and reading his side of the story as well as hers is an irresistible treat for all Mates, Dates fans.

YAY!! I am very, very, very, very, VERY proud to say that I am one of the hundreds, thousands (hundred thousands?) Mates, Dates fans who actually own this rare book. This is one books released especially for the World Book Day celebrations.

For those of you who haven't yet read any of the Mates, Dates books; the [Mates, Dates] story is about Lucy, Izzie, Nesta, and later on TJ. They are four girls living in Northern London. The 12 books in series (3 for each girl) chronicles their lives so far. 

What makes this book so special is that fans of the Lucy/Tony relationship get to read Tony's POV, learning what exactly about Lucy made him like her so much. You also get to see what happened to Lucy & Tony when the focus was on Iz, Nesta, and/or TJ.

I have to warn you though; the book covers EVERYTHING from Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras to Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers. So I strongly suggest that you read the series first before attempting to procure this book.

I'm saying this because I've read a few reviews where the reviewer complains that the book jumped from one event to the next; and the way I see it is it makes sense to write the book that way. After waiting at the most six months for each Mates, Dates book to be released; who wants to go over every event (not gonna list them) that at times had nothing to do with Lucy and Tony. This is their story, no one elses.

Moving on... This book was a treat like I probably said before. It was nice reading Tony's POV and know what lead Lucy and Tony to where they are today.


Hannah said...

I haven't read the series, but I'll see if it's at the library or something. It sounds interesting. =] -Hannah

Stacey said...

I absolutely LOVE the Mates,Dates series! I've read 7 books out of the twelve! I'd love to read more! And Secret Story sounds interesting... wonder what Lucy and Tony have in store?! :)

nicole elliott said...

iv onlt read half of the story but it sounds really good, cant wait to read the rest xx

Elle said...

I LOVE the Mates Dates Series and finished the whole series in less than a week! (Lucy is my fave and I wouldn't mind meeting a guy like Tony... *swoon!*) I can't wait to get my hand on this book and thanks for the review! :)

Anonymous said...

I read a vershion where it went only a bit into the story then said how to buy the full copy i know my sister had the full copy cos i got half way threw but i CAN'T find it any where :(

Liv said...

I have literally read this story HUNDREDS of times. I have always wanted to find and date a guy like Tony and Lucy is so cute! They are perfect together. God I love a good romantic story

ariana said...

i only read five books and their all intrestin( dont read if ur 13 and under) my fav character is izzie and i would reccommand this book to all tenages who falls in love.

Sumaya Saeed said...

my fav is lucy and tony! i love it how cathy hopkins encluded lucy nesta tj izzie in the truth dare kiss promise! its similar to mates dates.

Visit my site for Belden Cable said...

After completing the series it was wonderful to go back and read Tony's (and Lucy's) perspective through all the books. I think it was a brilliant idea of Ms. Hopkins and I loved it! A definite must-read!