Thursday, April 24, 2008

Those Girls by Sara Lawrence

Jinx, Liberty and Co. have been friends from since their first year at Stagmount School for Girls. They spend their time going to lavish parties, hitting the local pubs and terrorizing Ms. Gunn "the Gun" and Mrs. Dickinson "The Dick" the two most evil teachers at Stagemount. Their lives were fun and full of little scandal.

But when Stella Fox transfers to Stagemount everything changes. Stella, using her so-sleek-it's-scary tactics to worm her into the hearts of the faculty and students at Stagemount, single handed sends Jinx and her friends' worlds crashing down all around them. And to make matters worse she has Liberty wrapped around her little finger. The girls decide to show Stella whose boss at Stagemount and send "The Fox" back in the dingy hole she crawled from.

Yes this is another clique-esque book. But the characters are so sweet and likable that you can't help......not liking them. The girls in this book use their powers of infinite popularity for good not evil like certain other book series. It was refreshing reading about girls who love to eat and aren't to worried about the way they will look after grubbin' (yeah I said grubbin') on hamburgers, onion rings and a nilla-strawberry shake. I like Sara Lawrence's decision to go against the trend of shallow rich girls in a boarding (even though I like some of those books too). I also loved that even though Jinx was the main voice you read throughout the book; you got to hear from a few others including teachers. In closing, I loved Those Girls and cannot wait for the sequel Crushworthy to be released.


Cassidy said...

Good review!

Bookworm said...

Looks great....thanks for the suggestion!


Hannah said...

I'm looking for the third book now. . .PS: There was Libery, Jinx, Charlie, Liv, and Chasity. Wjo the heck is CO?