Monday, May 10, 2010

Book2(TV)Movie: Seven Deadly Sins

Remember this series by Robin Wasserman-- author of Hacking Harvard, Skinned, and Chasing Yesterday? I haven't read it [Seven Deadly Sins] myself but I've come across it on occasion when looking for a new book to read or scouting for a series to add to TLC back when it was a MSN Group.

According to Wikipedia* the series is about: morally bankrupt teenagers in a small California town. Each novel revolves around one of the sins and each character's transgressions specific to that sin. They follow the lives of Harper Grace, Beth Manning, Adam Morgan, Kane Geary, Miranda Stevens, Reed Sawyer, Katherine (Kaia) Sellers, and their French teacher, Jack Powell.
The series will be made into a four hour mini-series set to debut on the Lifetime Movie Network. The mini-series is showing on May 23 to May 24 at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

It's very short notice I know but I'm posting this new for the fans (and/or future fans) of the book series who hasn't heard the news and would be very interested in this movie mini-series.

For those of you who wants to read the series before the premiere date check your local library or bookstores (I've seen the books on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Borders up until a few weeks ago). To make finding and reading the books easier the picture above shows the order of the book.

*Wikipedia - an information site where I have [so far] gotten very accurate information on a wide variety of subjects even though many people have mentioned how unreliable the site is.

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Where can I download the book free ? Thanks. :)