Monday, March 24, 2008

Poseur by Rachel Maude

Four Girls.
Four Very Different Worlds.
One Love for Fashion.

The Girls:
Janie Farrish: The daughter of a caterer and twin sister of Josh. Knows all the best places to get vintage clothing. Loves to draw her own designs. And hopes to make a fresh start at the popularity game at Winston Prep and finally ditch her horrible nickname "Pompidou" like a ruined pair of Miu Miu Black Silk Platform Pumps that she'll never own.

Charlotte Beverwil: Daughter of the two most influential people in Hollywood. Loves all things French, Wishes her parents were from France. In love Josh Farrish. Gave Janie that nasty name "Pompidou". Loves to sew. Wants Janie to like her so her relationship with Josh can move forward.

Melissa Moon: Daughter of the Hottest rapper at the moment. Hates her soon- to-be step-whatever. Misses her mom. Thinks it's ALL 'bout her. Loves her little Pomeranian pooch more that anything in the world. LOVES to shop.

Petra Green: Hates her parents especially her dad. Loves her adopted sisters. Hates the way everyone is obsessed with beauty especially hers. Would rather burn the latest copy of Vogue than read it. Wants to start a fashion label that stand against ALL things mainstream.

All worlds clash when their are forced to take a class together. They decide to make a label combining all their different fashion styles. Janie's rocker/punk/goth style, Charlotte's High-end Couture style, Mellisa's urban/ghetto glam style and Pietra's hippie/bohemian chique style are combined with disastrous results. Can they get their act together or will they fall flat faster that fine hair on a humid day.

I'm not a fashion savvy person. I can't tell my Fendi from my Prada or spot the difference between Gucci and Juicy Couture, All I know is that it's cute and I like it. With that said I was really looking forward to reading this book. Not because I wanted a lesson in fashion or anything like that. The plot just happened to be interesting enough to catch my attention. Four very different girls with four extremely different fashion styles come together to form a fashion label. Doesn't that sound just a dash interesting to you? Well, Poseur had the appeal of the latest in teen fiction: Gossip Girl, The A-List and The It Girl, and the hopes of a strong bond of friendship between girls of completely different classes -- like Massie and Claire from The Clique Series. I stayed up all night reading this book and was sad to see it end.

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Melissa Walker said...

I'm looking forward to checking this one out!