Friday, March 21, 2008

Stray by Rachel Vincent

Faythe Sanders isn't all what she seems. Even though she may look like an All-American girl and has been raised by an All-American family, It's all just an illusion for what's really going on. The Sanders family and almost all who are closing associated with them are Werecats. Faythe's dad is the Alpha of their territory and unknown to everyone but her, has been training her for the role ever since the first time she shifted successfully into her feline counterpart. But Faythe wants nothing to do with the life she knows is in store for her. She wants to go to college and like her second oldest brother Ryan be free of the life she leads.

She does get a small part of her wish, and has completed her four years of college and is about to start grad school. But just moments after she survives an attack by a foreign stray werecat she is drag home for her protection. She soon discovers that her attack isn't the reason she's back home; her best friend Sara, the only daughter of another Alpha of the neighboring territory has been abducted. And there have also been reports of human girls being raped and mauled to death. Faythe is shocked and disgusted by the acts of the foreign strays. But when she is abducted herself she is forced to fight of her life and the life of the current and future victims.

I absolutely LOVED this book. It was one part horror and one part suspense. After reading this I felt sad because of what happened to the girls who died and the way they died and the emotional trauma they endured. But it was so exciting the things that happened in this book. Faythe is an awesome heroine flawed but really cool. Rachel Vincent did a great job. This book earns the book Brat;s seal of approval. I can't wait for the sequel Rogue to be released.

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