Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alex Unlimited: Split Second Sight by Dan Jolley

Before I get into the review, here's a little back story on the Alex Unlimited series:

Alex Unlimited is a Tokyo Pop novel series written by Dan Jolley (no pictures to be found what-so-ever) that follows the misadventures of Alex Benno, an 18 year old girl who happens to live and sort of work for a government agency -- similar to that of the CIA and FBI, since she was a little girl. It all sounds glamorous but when you're an 18 year old girl who everyone thinks is still 14 it ruins the whole effect. But, Alex has a unique talent, she can summon alter egos of herself from other alternate realities. Again it sounds great but it really isn't. Compared to Alex the alter egos are usually much more prettier, smarter and all out cooler than she is. And to make matters worse no one pays attention to her when their around. But that will all change with the arrival of the latest Alex Prime (that's what they're called) Rachel who was summoned to help translate an ancient language that is unknown to everyone in this reality.

In Alex Unlimited: Split Second Sight, Alex is off on another whirlwind adventure in San Francisco, California with the latest Alex Prime, Jane. to find and protect Amy Titus, a self-proclaimed medium who has -- until recently proving to be the real deal. Now Amy's being hunted by the evil SKAR cooperation and other world Cooperations and agencies to get her on their side. This isn't the only thing Alex has to deal with. Between searching for answers about her parents death and dealing with the creepy message she got from them during a séance The latest Alex Prime has something to hide and it's all driving Alex crazy trying to figure it out.

Split Second Sight was just as crazy and action packed as the first Alex Unlimited book, The Vorsarak Code. It was fun reading about Alex's latest adventure with her latest alter ego Jane, girl who is an expert on all things that is supernatural in this and other dimensions. It was also good to hear Alex whine less about the woes of being not as pretty and as experienced as her alter ego it made me like her even more for that. I also liked that I got to learn little bit more about her parents. Dan Jolley is doing a pretty good job with the series so far and I'll definitely be on the look out for book 3 True Chemistry.

Next up: Maximum Ride: School's Out....Forever by James Patterson. Stay tuned ;-).

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