Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Platinum by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

OK, I'm back. and with two books up for review. First, Platinum -- the sequel to Golden, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes which takes place about six weeks after Golden ends.

Lilah Covington's life has changed A LOT since finding out the Lissy James' family secret; every female descendant has some form of the "Sight". Now, she's seeing things, more like memories of everyone she encounters, things that has happened in the past.....oh and ghosts. Well, one ghost to be exact. One very cute ghost boy who just happens to like hanging out Lilah. She can deal with all that, but when Ghost Boy informs her that her boyfriend will be killed in a matter of days and that he (Ghost Boy) will the murderer she reluctantly decides to seek Lissy, Lexie-- Lissy's younger sister , and their creepy grandmother's help.

Like ALL the Golden fans, I have been impatiently waiting for the sequel to Golden to arrive and take it's place among the other awesome books that Jennifer Lynn Barnes has written so far. I for one am not disappointed. Jennifer has once again mix regular high school life and drama to the paranormal world where anything can happen and produced near perfect results. I almost started to believe that some teens in ever high school has to deal with paranormal situations in their lives.

On a slightly (10%) bitter note I'd have to say that I didn't care much for the B plot in this book -- sorry I won't tell what it was in fear of giving away the story's ending, let's just say I knew what really happened and I wasn't surprised at the way everything turned out.

Over all Platinum was a very entertaining reading and an enjoyable break from the college textbooks I have been reading. I'm probably wrong so don't quote me on this BUT I see a third sequel on the way. With the talk of Lissy, Lilah and Lexie having to form a sisterly like bound between them and Lexie entering the th grade very soon gives way for another story to be made. But that's just my opinion.

Next up Alex Unlimited: Split Second Sight by Dan Jolley

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