Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maximum Ride: School's Out....Forever by James Patterson

Max and her Flock are back for another awesome action packed adventure.... In Maximum Ride: School's Out....Forever Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman, Angel and the newest addition to the flock, Total are off to DC to start the search for their parents. Along the way they are ambushed by some flying Erasers. Fangs gets Injured and has to be rushed to the hospital where he is instantly put under special surveillance when it is discovered that he isn't a normal human boy. The FBI is called in and after some questioning Max and her Flock find themselves driving to the suburbs of Virginia to live with Anne Walker, a high ranking FBI agent to lie low for a while.
This all sounds good to everyone except Max who is a bit skeptical of the sweet, loving Anne who seem just a tad bit too sweet and loving. This isn't the only thing Max has to deal with. Ari's back from the dead and is out for blood. He's up to something but Max can't figure out what. Not to mention, Max and the gang have a new adventure at Yes their self appointed mom Anne has taken it upon herself to enroll them into private school. Now apart from dealing with daily Eraser attacks Max has to try and keep herself and the gang out of trouble at school which sounds less easier than it actually is.

All this, however, takes a back burner when she starts seeing another Max running around and an Eraser version of herself in the mirror. Is she loosing her mind or is it some sinister plan the School is cooking up to get a hold of the flock again? Now with school, the pending threat of flying Erasers, searching for the Flock's parents and her own possible deteriorating mind Max feels more alone than ever before.

Okay.....where to start. This was one of the this is the most action packed adventure book I've read so far this year. As usual I have no qualms with this book except the end which was a little vague and confusing and I saw where the plot was heading before it got there..... BUT, Mr. Patterson did an amazing job keeping the story alive (no surprise). And I loved the fact that he gave us a view of Ari's side of the story; it made me understand why Max sympathizes with him a bit. I'm looking forward to what's coming next in the story of Max and her Flock.
TTFN! I'm about to start Gender Bender by Blake Nelson. I'll post asap.


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