Sunday, November 2, 2008

Book2Movie: Advanced Screenings and More

Now that it's November, I'm on high alert for Twilight advanced movie screening tickets.

My mom works next door to a movie theater (AMC) and the businesses around her receive advanced movie screenings on an almost weekly basis. While seeing our forth or fifth movie someone told us about a few sites that give away tickets for free. Among these sites was which is the best site we've seen so far. And just 15 minutes ago my mom handed me flyer that advertises free advanced movie screening tickets for Soul Men. With a web site called

Getting back on track here. The reason why I'm posting is because I found out that is giving away screening tickets for Boy in the Striped Pyjamas to be shown in the following cities:

Novi, MI - Wednesday 5, November
Denver, CO - Wednesday 5, November
Philadelphia, PA - Wednesday 5, November

Also, I have a poll on the side of the blog (between Great Blogs Similar to Mine and Authors with Blogs ) check it out and check back for other polls.

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