Monday, May 19, 2008

In or Out by Claudia Gabel

Marnie and Nola have been the best of friends ever since they met on the first day of kindergarten. Fast forward 9 grades later the girls are starting High School. Marnie is excited. With her older sister off at college she has a chance to make a name for herself. Nola on the other hand is terrified of starting high school, after all high school is when EVERYTHING changes.

On the first day of the school Marnie makes friends with the Lizette Levin, the cousin of her older sister's best friend and proclaimed it girl of Lizette's Middle School. Nola on the other hand makes Lizette her enemy, but she makes three new friends. Soon afterwards the girls are leading different lives. Marnie Is living it up as the new potential "it girl" with Lizette and her crew, while Nola is left feeling alone and abandoned.

I started reading this book out of curiousity-- I mean the plot was obvious; two girls who were bffs since kindergarten enter high school and find that they want different things. Marnie: to be as popular as her older sister was and Nola...Nola just wants to survive. You're probably asking; "Then why read this series if it's so predictable?". Well, I guess I kind of see where Claudia Gabel is going with this series and I guess that-- even though the plot was--is predictable, I wanted to see what she'd do to make it different. I don't think she did much to seperate her story from others but she did make Nola stronger than we'd expect. I'm not blown away by this sereis but Like I said before it's a bit Interesting. If you're interested, check out the series. I for one will be doing so from time to time.

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Melissa Walker said...

Love Claudia! Thanks for the point of view!