Monday, December 27, 2010


Hey guys I'm back after a very crazy week. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas day but I was up at 8 after 5 hours of sleep and was cooking and helping my mom to cook. So I was really busy. Plus I still didn't get a chance to wrap my Secret Santa present yet so that had to be done also. My family's Christmas party was a blast. There was dancing, eating, even more dancing, and just so much fun.

The main event, though was our annual Secret Santa. OK so the deal with my family's Secret Santa is you can't just come with your gift present it to the person, give them a hug and take your seat. That's no fun at all. We liked being entertained so you've gotta get creative. For example:

My cousin (let's call him J) was my cousin L's Secret Santa. Her name was called, She took her seat on the Secret Santa "throne" made her three guesses didn't call J. He got up and approached her with a gift bag:

J: L I wasn't sure what to get you's a banana. Merry Christmas.

Awkward Pause (Giggles, Snickers, Soft Laughter) while L searched the bag for her actual gift; a Sephora Gift Card.
Cute right. Now it gets interesting J is now in the running for the Secret Santa prize (which was $50 this year I think)

My cousin (here forth known as Evil Santa) has been winning for the past few years. I got her name this year. So naturally I wanted to knock her down a few.

The plan:
Get someone (who hasn't revealed themselves to be someone else's Santa) to give Evil Santa a letter.

The letter:
A riddle I found it through Google on Yahoo Answers it went like this:
Your *Secret Santa* works to please you,
It won't be long, before my job is through.
My age is not important, it could give me away,
But, as long as I'm here, I hope you enjoy my stay.
The gift I seek, I hope you like,
But, I promise you 1 thing, it's NOT a bike.

I wish for you, Good memories and cheer,
and hope you have a wonderful new year!
This cute little riddle is almost done,
and now the wondering and shopping has just begun.
 My revision:
dear evil santa this person didn’t pick you
now guess again here’s a riddle to help you through

your secret santa has worked so hard just to please you, now it won't be long, before my job is finally through. my age is not important, it could give me away, but, as long as i'm here, i hope you enjoyed my stay.
the gift you seek, i hope you adore, if not, hand it back i’ll return it to the store i wish for you, good memories and great cheer, and here’s to a wonderful and happy new year!
i know it’s entertaining having the spotlight on you, but this cute little riddle is almost through you’d better guess quickly, you better be right because your Santa’s tired, I don’t have all night
I enlisted two People to help me my Mom and Aunt L. My mom is the one who over sees the whole Secret Santa operation. So when Evil Santa's name was called she was gonna shout Charmaine. Upon hearing the codeword Aunt L was suppose to approach Evil Santa and give her the letter.

So everything was great she didn't' guess my name mom shouted out Charmaine. Aunt L didn't respond. She shouted again, and again. Then everyone joined in. Finally, Ms. Wilson my mom's guest tapped her on the shoulder. She got up and approached Evil Santa who at first was reluctant to take the letter rightly not believing that she was her Secret Santa. She read the letter out loud everyone laughed. She guessed again didn't pick me. There was a pause and I jumped up shouting, "IT'S ME!" the expression on her face was priceless.

The Gift:
A big box wrapped in Winnie the Pooh Christmas paper. She opened it and on the very top was a note that said START DIGGING. So she did. She dug through the Styrofoam packing chips right up to the middle and found a present she opened it up to find a Seventeen Perfect Prom Scrapbook (which was actually from my mom but was donated for a very good cause)

and at the back of the book was another note  NOT EVEN CLOSE. so she dived back into the Styrofoam all the way to the bottom where she found a layer of cardboard she moved it to find her actual present, a navy blue tote.
So that was my big plan but I didn't win the prize. Let's just say that I was knocked out of the running by a newcomer. But I'll have to tell you about it in my next post. So stay tuned.

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