Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glee: The Beginning by Sophia Lowell

Calling all Gleeks!

Get more of your favorite characters in this official Glee prequel!

All great performances deserve a warm-up! Enroll early at McKinley High--before New Directions was even a glimmer in Mr. Schuester's eye. When did Rachel first decide Finn was more than just a jock? When did Puck and Quinn start their secret romance? And how did the fledgling Glee Club function without a fearless leader? Hint: It wasn't exactly a perfect melody.

Break out the gold stars and refill the slushies: It's time to find out what happened to all your favorite characters before the show-mance began.

Now I don't know how many of you are Gleeks but I do know that a majority of you have heard at least a murmur about this hit show. But for those of you who aren't aware of the show plot here's a very quick run through of what the show is about.

Glee is a musical television series (NOT to be confused with High School Musical) about a select group of students/teachers who all attend/work at the fictional McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio where the glee club (or chorus group) is considered the bottom feeders of the social hierarchy. The show basically chronicles their struggle to make a name for themselves and to win some much needed R-E-S-P-E-C-T in a school where only there is only room for clubs that actually bring in funding. There are also themes of self acceptance, tolerance, and learning to march to your own beat despite what the masses say (I'm not too sure that the last one was a theme but I had to put it in).

Glee: The Beginning takes place approximately two weeks to a month (or two) before the very first episode. And similarly to the show it gives you a glimpse into everyone's life. However, the main focus was on Rachel (Berry) and Quinn (Fabray) [seen in the photo above]. And yes the book stays very true to the energy and flow of the TV show. I really have no complaints except for the fact it was sort of weird reading about Glee instead of watching it. Also there were a few inconsistencies where book clashed with the TV show. Nevertheless, I won't go into details because I'm slightly afraid of spoiling some of you.

If you haven't caught onto Glee and you're curious to know what it's all about; go check out the book then watch the very first episode (or vice versa it doesn't matter). And for the rest of you Gleeks out there the show returns with a special episode after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6 on FOX.

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I was a little on the fence about reading this book, but now I think I'll read it. Thanks for the review.