Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weregirls: Birth of the Pack by Petru Popescu

Lily, Arielle, Grazia and Nikki have been friends since forever and have bonded of the love of soccer and Lily's father's stories of the Weregirls; the Native American tribal gods responsible for the creation of life on earth and mankind. Fast forward several years later; Lily is sixteen years old writing for the school paper and fighting for her high to create an all girls soccer team. She's lost her dad and is missing him now more than ever.
But all that takes a backseat when trouble enters life in the form of Andra Hewlit. Andra is the daughter of Howard Hewlit a rich real estate mogul (think Donald Trump) who decided to move his family back to his hometown of Pasadena, California which happens to be Lily's hometown. Andra is just as talented as Lily on the soccer field and even more manipulative off the field. When Andra asks and is allowed to create a soccer team Lily can help but feel gypped. She was only allowed to crate a Soccer which wasn't even supported by the school.

So when Andra offers to add them to her team if they can beat her team at a soccer match. Lily has no choice but to accept after all the soccer field that she and her friends built and their legacy is at risk. With all this on her mind Lily calls out to her dad for help. But what she didn't expect is for him to answer and give her the powers of the Weregirls the fictional heroes she and her friends modeled themselves after for years. Now with the Power of the Weregirls at had Lily feels as if anything is possible.

Weregirls Birth of the Pack started out very slow in my opinion the story started to pick up pace around chapter five or six. After that the story was more enjoyable. Lily is an awesome character who I think is very misunderstood. Despite the fact that her dad is magical her family life was very real-- kind of what I'd expect the life of two people, one magical and one who's not, to be like when the other doesn't understand or refuses to understand their life. Popescu weaves a very sad and thrilling tale. I hope to read more about his Weregirls.

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