Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R U Watching Private???

Well? Are you?

Come on guys it's only 6 minutes and they're airing episode six next. The show started August 11th (last week Tuesday). So it's going by fast.

I understand if you're tentative about watching the web show because it's a web show (lack of funding for better actors, props, great scenic locations). But it's not bad (for a web show--my first I should add).

The story's different from what we know of the books. Reed is assigned to Billings sort of like Sabine and those other girls...........As a matter of fact Reed's situation follows the beginning of the second part of the Private book series.

The episodes go by fast so don't blink, yawn, answer the any calls, check any IMs or Texts. Don't even go to the bathroom--you can hold your pee for 6 minutes, right?

Since it would be a disservice to you guys if I go into detail about each episode, I'll just Talk about my reactions to.....

The Characters:

Reed: Love her. not who I envisioned but she passed due to likability.

Noelle: This was a bit difficult since she is my favorite character. Still snarky.....she passed.

Taylor: A bit annoying.

Kiran: Since there was a whole web show dedicate to her I really don't have much to say. I'm happy though.

Arianna: Whoo!! What a creeper.

Thomas: Gag!! Stop with the corny pick up lines!! After watching him try to put the move on Reed Taylor wasn't so annoying.

Blake: Um you are......

Remember, each episode is 6 minutes long and there are 5 so far. 6 minutes x 5 episodes = 30 minutes of your time (less if you don't like what you see).

Lastly. PLEASE post your reactions!! I have no one to talk to about this series. My sis refuses to watch the show because the girl girl they chose for Kiran isn't her idea of pretty.

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