Friday, May 15, 2009

Finals, and Web Sites, and More (OH MY!!)

EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! So kerayzeee...... Ugh! Cannot, cannot, can not believe a month has passed. It's finals week at UMD. YAY!!! School's almost out!

Anyway just popping in to deliver a long overdue review and to tell you wants goin' on with TLC the website I mentioned in one of my previous posts. I found the perfect web hosting site (free of course) and I'm rounding the corner on completong the site. There were a few bumps and bruises, hits and misses but now it's all coming together nicely and will be ready for browsing by mid June.

I don't think I mentioned it earlier; but TLC (Teen Lit Central) is suppose to be a place to find out what's going on in the teen lit world. The main attraction is the series and novels database. but I'm also adding things like a media page and a blog and site page. and that just the beginning. So. Yep. I'm almost done and a bit anxious excited to see what you guys think.

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