Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Aimee Friedman

When Katie and Michaela Wilder are uprooted from NYC and planted in rural Fir Lake, Katie is horrified by their new surroundings: the too-friendly neighbors, the local uniform of sandals paired with socks, the very idea of milking a cow. But while Katie suffers through shopping withdrawal, Michaela transforms into a small-town social firefly, flirting with the hot quarterback and soaking up nature with her new hick-town friends. As in, people who think camping is *fun*. Does Katie even know her sister anymore? And after Michaela hides a jaw-dropping secret from her, does Katie even want to?
New girl stories are another of my faves. But that wasn't what attracted me to this book, it was the title. It was frustrating to read Katie this book because it was from Katie's POV, and she was very ignorant of the oppurtunity she had in front of her. I guess I'm being biased because I'm almost always up for a good adventure. I did, however, like the sisterly bond the book stressed. But was annoyed with the comment Mick-a-ay-la (I think that's how it's pronounced) about sisters and friends. To sum it all up; The Year My Sister Got Lucky was a good read. I was disappointed.

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