Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affair by Jen Calonita

The filming for sure-to-be-blockbuster movie Pretty Young Assassins has wrapped, and teen movie star Kaitlin Burke returns to life on the set of primetime drama Family Affair. After ten seasons of filming the hit favorite TV show, Kaitlin would have thought that she could see any curveballs coming, but with a plotting new actress on set, all bets are off. The new diva, Alexis, makes even Kaitlin's long-time nemesis Skye seem like a puppy in comparison. Can Kaitlin keep her sane boyfriend, her insane job, and her composure in the face of this new star power?

Family Affair wasn't as good as I hoped. I found it too repetitive. Kate finds something that she wants in life that her friends get to enjoy problem free. I know that this is the sub plot, a tiny detail that makes up the big picture. Call me Ms. Nit-Picky or whatever but that small detail distracted me from the over all plot and I didn't enjoy this book as I probably would've. Sorry. On the other hand, Paparazzi Prince sounds promising 'cause Katie's makeing changes and taking control of her life.

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