Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Not About the Accent by Caridad Ferrer

Sick and tired of her life in small-town Ohio -- completely boring with a side of dull -- college-bound Caroline Darcy is determined to start fresh...as a new person. And that means following in the footsteps of her late Nana Ellie -- her witty and vibrant Cuban great-grandmother with a glamorous, well-traveled past. Donning a seriously caliente new wardrobe and a vivacious persona to match, she becomes Carolina, a half-Cuban aspiring actress ready for adventure.

Once at school, everything goes according to plan.
Putting her primo acting skills to use, she flirts up Erik, a smooth-talking frat guy with gorgeous baby blues -- who can't get enough of her "exotic" charm. The only person who doesn't seem impressed by her Latina facade is Peter, a quiet, sweet Cuban guy from Miami. But when "Carolina" gets in over her head and finds herself in a dangerous situation, it's Peter who comes to her rescue -- and leads her on a real adventure to discover the truth about Nana Ellie and her family. It turns out that being boring old Caroline is way more exciting than she ever could have imagined.

This is the first MTV Book I've read in months and I'm happy to say that I loved it. First of all the plot; it was very original. To avoid spoiling anyone who reads this I virtually gag myself so I won't accidentally spill anything. As I was saying the plot was original and the story blindsided me I didn't expect the story to turn out the way it did which as you should know is exactly how I love my book plots. It's Not About the Accent was a really good read. It made me remember why I love MTV Books.

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