Thursday, August 21, 2008

Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith

For three teenagers, dark mystery has always lurked at the corner of the eyes and the edge of sleep.

Beautiful Morgan D'Amici wakes in her trailer park home with dirt and blood under her fingernails.

Paintings come alive under Ondine Mason's violet-eyed gaze.

Haunted runaway Nix Saint-Michael sees halos of light around people about to die.

At a secret summer rave, the three teenagers learn of their true, changeling nature and their uncertain, intertwined destinies.
I was really disappointed in this book. The synopsis was enticing but what was suppose to be a new and unique look at the ever popular faerie lore turned out to be a dull and drawn out story. I felt as if I was being lead around a circle at a really slow pace. There were, however some fun and exciting pieces; but it didn't hide how tedious the book was.

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