Monday, April 7, 2008

The Ashleys: There's A New Name In School by Melissa de la Cruz

The Ashleys are three of the most popular, cutest, coolest girls at Miss Gamble's School for Girls.

Ashley Li aka Lili is the smartest girl in school with a long list of extracurriculars that makes even the most busiest person look lazy. She's equal parts Ashley Spencer clone, spoiled poor little rich girl, and heinous witch. But this Ashley is tired of being everyone's puppet and at this moment is planning something huge to overthrow Ashley Spencer's reign of terror.

Ashley Alioto aka A.A. aka The "Nice" Ashley definitely did not get her nickname because of her bra size. Apart from being the sweetest of the three Ashleys she's also the one is so much more mature both in looks and boy experience (the boy experience comes from having an older brother with older friends). This year A.A. is more interested in her secret BF Laxjock who she met over the internet but has yet met in person. She's so curious and a bit worried as to who he might be that all Ashley issues are put on hold. Hope it doesn't mess up the girls' relationship.

Ashley Spencer is the only Ashley allowed to use her first name. This decision was made by the head Ashley herself dubbing her the automatic leader....for the rest of their school life. Ashley is probably the meanest girl known to mankind. She has no weaknesses....except one. It is said that you should avoid stepping in this girl's path, if you can help it.

So that's the Ashleys. Miss Gamble's personal rulers of terror. But when the 7th grade rolls around their reign may come to an abrupt end all thanks to:

Lauren Page is also one of the smartest girls at Miss Gambles. She's also the girl the Ashleys terrorized from since Kindergarten. Now literally a rags-to-riches story she plans to take the 7th grade by storm, infiltrate the Ashleys and demolish the group from the inside out. To bad the girls are too busy with their own lives and sucking up to the now billionaire classmate to see what's really going on.

After reading this book all I could say was "Wow". These girls makes the Clique girls look like angels. They're so vicious it's scary. But I do love this book. It's an almost seamless combination of Heathers and Mean Girls. Lauren Page is equal parts Cady and Veronica in twelve year old form. Even though the book was pretty predictable it was very much entertaining. I haven't read any of Melissa de la Cruz's books but I do love this one so I'm going to see this series through. In short. If you love The Clique series by Lisi Harrison then you'll love The Ashleys. If not. Read it and you'll love it anyway.

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