Friday, October 8, 2010

And It Begins (Again)

Hello again readers of this blog. It's me The Book Brat. Popping in from yet another intromptue hiatus. By now you you're probably staring at your screen unfazed thinking, "Oh look, she's back," in flat monotones. Yes I know I'm rambling but how else do I announce my umpteenth attempt to make this blog (for lack of a better word) "work".

A few updates then:

Tomorrow I will be posting a review in honor of the spectacular holiday, Halloween.

Along with this review I will be hosting a giveaway. Where one lucky person will win a copy of the book I'm reviewing. I'm hoping that will be the start of a holiday tradition of sorts maybe even something more.

Next TLC short for Teen Lit Central my YA Fiction site that you've probably heard me mention in passing a few times. It is officially on it's way. I'm looking at late spring, early summer for the official release. This is part of the reason I've been away a lot and it's kind of a relief seeing it almost done. I be explaining everything (the dream, what to expect, and so on.) in another post.

Lastly if for some reason this post looks weird to you. It's because it's because I'm testing out blogging by ipod. Personally I find it very uncomfortable and I'll probably won't do it often, but if I find out some bookish news that I just have to share I will be reaching for my pod even if it takes me 50 minutes to an hour to post what I've gotta say.

Well guys it's been fun catching up. TTYT!!!

P.S.: You can check out some of what I'm doing by going to the TLC YouTube channel. It has mainly book trailers but I'm sure you'll like it.

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wdebo said...

Welcome back!! I really like your channel...really cool book trailers :)