Thursday, November 20, 2008

Book2Movie: The Clique Movie

Before I get down to business I believe that I should inform you that I didn't get the advanced screening tickets. My worst fears came true and I didn't see it. Anyway, no worries it's cool (at least that's what I tell myself to keep from moping) I'll be seeing Twilight tomorrow like the rest of the people who isn't seeing it at midnight. Moving on to the point of this post.

Movie: The Clique
Starring: Elizabeth McLaughlin, Ellen Marlow, Samantha Boscarino, Sophie Anna Everhard, and Bridgit Mendler
Series Written by: Lisi Harrison
Screenplay Written by: Liz Tigelaar

Plot: Claire Lyons, the new girl from Orland(ew), Florida, has the nerve to show up at Octavian Country Day school (OCD) wearing Keds and two-year-old GAP overalls. She is clearly not top Clique (aka the Pretty Committee) material and Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen have no problem letting everyone know it. Unfortunately, Claire’s family is staying in the guest house on Massie’s family's huge estate and the girls are stuck with each other. Claire’s future looks worse than a Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, she might just stand a chance.

Yay! I saw The Clique movie. Sorry had to get it out of my system. Because I am currently broke (as in no spare change to rent or possibly buy this movie) I believed that it would be a while (sometime next year) before I saw this movie. And from my "Yay!" you can guess that I really loved what I saw. The movie stayed very true to the novel. and-- I don't remember if I felt this way about Elizabeth (Massie), Bridgit (Kristen), and Samantha (Alicia), but Ellen (Claire), and Sophie (Dylan) Were very believable as the characters they played. Also, Vanessa Marano, who plays Layne, is exactly as Lisi Harrison described; she brings a more mature, dark but fun Layne to life not the wacky girl we got to know in the series. The only thing I didn't like--and this was something I just realized as I was typing the first part of this review; the movie seemed to go by really fast. It didn't give me the feeling of gradual progression; I don't know if I'm explaining it correctly but it felt like they were just zipping through the days. It's hard to explain (which is surprising). Over all from what I've seen online I wasn't the only person who liked it. non Clique fans (the open-minded ones) liked it too and gave it at least 3.5 stars or 8/10 rating. Me? I give it 4 stars.

If you want to see this movie, check your local search engine or pick up the DVD where ever they are rented or sold. And as a request from me. I'd like you to read the book before or after you watch this movie (preferably before though).

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