Friday, October 31, 2008

EXTREMELY Late Halloween Book Recommendations

So. This is REALLY short notice but I have some book recommendations for you on this awful, spooky holiday. With the help of TLC (that's Teen Lit Central to you) Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and of course I have compiled a list of books you should definitely read on this day of horror, pain, and sorrow. These books will be separated into three categories: Down Right Freaky, Hilariously Scary, and Heart Poundingly Romantic. Let us begin.....

Fear Street
Readers Beware!! You're in for a scare!! Wait.... that's Goosebumps. But I'm justified to otter those words because for this 1990s series the same rules apply. R.L. Stine's series for the kids who got bored of Goosebumps but not the author's style of writing (ahem, me) this was a nasty treat. That was swallowed up faster than a zombie eating brains.

The Last Apprentice
This series is my NFHBSFN (NEW FAVORITE HORROR BOOK SERIES...FOR NOW). Those of you who hated R.L. Stine would hate this series, and those of you who didn't, well, you'll begin to hate it too. The series is set in the olden days somewhere between the The Medieval Ages and the time of King Henry VIII (Almost thirty or years--give or take a decade or two--before the first Queen Elizabeth ruled England). in a place similar to the UK. The series follows Thomas Ward, a 12 year old boy who, due to his lineage (he was born the seventh son of the seventh son) is chosen to be the next Spook. The series follows Tom throughout his training as he battles ghosts and ghasts, boggarts and witches.

Colby Blanchard is the popular cheerleader with the grades, the hunky boyfriend, and the homecoming crown in the bag. Then things go bad as in turning-into-a-vampire bad. And complicating things is the fact that her orthodontist father has removed her canine teeth to give her a perfect smile, so she can't even do the vampire thing properly. Luckily, he's fitting her with some new headgear so she can feed. So now she's not just a vampire but a dork.

The Salem Witch Tryouts
Prudence Stewart had it all at Beverly Hills High: straight A's, the cutest crush, and a sweet gig as captain of the cheerleading squad. Then poof! Mom and Dad announce they're moving to Salem, Massachusetts. Turns out, Pru comes from a long line of witches and it's time for her to learn the craft. Buh-bye, Beverly Hills High -- hello, Agatha's Day School!

Hex Education
Sophie Stone doesn't want to leave the bright lights of LA for the dreary little burg of Mythic, Massachusetts. So why, then, does she feel eerily drawn to the place? And why, after she crosses the county line, does she begin having headaches, accompanied by strange and frightening visions? At least school is a bright spot-Sophie is immediately accepted by the coolest, most popular, best-dressed girls at Mythic High. But what she doesn't know is that her new friends don't buy their couture-they conjure it! they're a coven of witches, formed to save the town from an evil that is rising, an evil that was foretold decades ago. And Sophie is their leader! will Sophie embrace her powers and save the town? Or is Mythic totally hexed?

The world's current favorite read. Everyone (from Great Grandma Lydia to little cousin Billy who practically just started to read chapter books) is reading this series. And why not? It is after all the best tragic romance since Romeo and Juliet. Some say it's even better.

Vampire Kisses
Not as popular as the Twilight series but a few have read and hated series. This isn't a heart wrenching romantic story our heroine would have none of that. But it is funny. sort of like a horrific romantic comedy.

Another Twilight-esque story about a girl, her werewolf best friend/boyfriend and the vampire who ruined her life. Not exactly Twilight but close enough that some would fear or even run away screaming from this story.

OK so that's it!!! My recommendations for this year's All Hallows Eve. Have a nasty time reading

PS: If you haven't caught on. Halloween is also Opposite Day. So anything that is bright and sunny becomes dark and dreary. But anything originally horrifying stays that way. What do you expect. On Halloween nothing is fair.


Noelle Lange said...

i was wondering why you keep comparing vampire books with twilight, which isn't even a vampire book. twilight was poorly written.

all of these books should be stand alones instead of constantly being in a lineup with twilight. the author has a big head and only writes for herself - big mistake if she calls herself a real writer, which she definitely is not.

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