Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Clique Summer Series: Dylan by Lisi Harrison

Game, Set, Match... Dylan?

Dylan and her TV-host mom are off to Hawaii's Aloha Tennis Open. While Merri-Lee interviews tennis's wild child Svetlana "Tennis the Menace" Slootskyia, Dylan lets the tropical sun melt away the memory of getting dumped by two guys at the end of seventh grade. But between avocado mud masks and poolside naps, she falls in love with a preppy, tennis- obsessed hawtie. Dylan soon realizes the only way to score a date with him is to master the game. Can she convince moody Svetlana to spill the secrets of her tennis success, or will she end up oh-for-three in summer love?

I really liked this book. It was everything a clique book should be: light, funny, and entertaining. I'm glad that Lisi H. decided to write some books focusing on an individual PC member. I gave me a chance to get to know them better. Even though I'm really waiting to read Claire's book (because it answers a question I've always wondered about.) it's fun reading about the other PC members. Dylan is fun as always. I'm glad Svetlana is giving her a workout. I always beleived that she needed one--she's always dieting and not exercising and they go hand in hand (in the case of dieting at least). As for the book; very fun, entertaining read, a bit predictable but I enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this book yesterday and its great. A lot of girls should read it.