Sunday, August 10, 2008

Private: Ambition by Kate Brian

The higher you climb, the farther you have to fall....

Reed Brennan knew being elected president of exclusive Billings Hall would change her life. What she didn't count on was being dumped by her boyfriend, Josh Hollis, or being held responsible for a fire that destroyed Easton Academy's oldest building. And now the administration wants to shut Billings down. Forever.

As president, it's up to Reed to save Billings Hall. What better way to win over the head­master than to host a glam fund-raising event in New York City? Everyone needs a date, and the newly single Reed is the most eligible girl on campus. All of Easton's hottest boys are angling to take her out, and for once, Reed's biggest problem is which one to choose.

Reed has never felt so popular or powerful -- until the police start asking questions about Cheyenne Martin's death. Excited party buzz quickly turns to whispered rumors and dark moods, and one thing becomes clear: There is someone who wants to see Billings, and Reed, go down. And they will do anything to make it happen.

Oi vay!! Something just hit the fan and it doesn't smell or look at all pleasant. So, like I predicted, Reed's misdeeds blew up in her face and it wasn't at all pretty. I felt like throwing the book out of my window and running into a corner to bite my nails in fear. It is so scary will the Billings girls are POed; especially when you're the one who fueled that emotion. Reed. Reed. Reed. What am I gonna do now that you're potentially dead. I'm in no hurry to read the next book-- which will be released September 16th of this year, not because I hated this book but because I'm too afraid of what's to come in the next book. So don't expect to see me review Private: Revelation anytime soon. Do, however, check out the Private series by Kate Brian. It just keeps getting better and better.

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