Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer

Just a quick word or ten:

For the Breaking Dawn description, there will not be one because (for me) there's no way I can write a vague summary of this book without giving away a piece of info. So I'm just gonna give my opinion on the book.

So, lucky me!! I got Breaking Dawn five minutes before the library closed last Saturday. and I started reading promptly as soon as I got home. I'm not finished yet; due to the lack of extremely strong coffee in my house I wasn't able to pull an all-nighter and I've just recovered from Sunday's all-nighter. If anyone knows a brand of coffee that cures sleepiness please share.

OK, so, even though I'm one of the few Twilight fans (Twilans; pronounced: T-WHY-LANZ; plural noun, Twilight fans) who's still reading Breaking Dawn I already know what happened before it actually did. Yes, I purposefully spoiled myself but don't worry I'm not sad about it. So, whilst spoiling myself (sounds so wrong) I noticed that a lot-- and I mean a lot, of people are complaining about the things that happened in the story. And I for one am not sorry about the things that happened in the story. Every page was entertaining, and I thought it was nicely written. But so many people are focusing tiny details nagging about it and whatnot but I find no fault with the story-- except for that little piece of vampire history in chapter two that basically gave away the whole plot for me.

But, yeah... Breaking Dawn is great-- so far. And whoever is hatin' on it needs to stop right now because I found that she did stay true to the spirit of the story. And for anyone who's hesitating to read it based on what you heard; pay absolutely no attention. Read the book and decide what you feel about it.


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