Saturday, June 28, 2008

Private: Legacy by Kate Brian

Cheyenne Martin's suicide has sent her house mates into shock. After all, in just a year, she's the second student to die at Easton. But, according to her friends, Cheyenne would have wanted everyone to get on with their lives, and get ready for the Legacy - the social event of the season that anybody who's anybody will be attending. But, oddly enough, the legacies at Easton haven't been invited this year. And as the newly elected Billings President, Reed has the task of finding out who is keeping the Easton legacies (especially the Billings Girls) away from the Legacy. But with an old friend back in the picture, and the intoxicating taste of Billings power; Reed can't help but revel in her new found position, forgetting why she was chosen as Billings President in the first place.

Private: Legacy is an answer to my prayers. I've always wanted Reed to take over the Billings house and one of the previous girls from the first four books to return. You'd guess that after all my dreams came true I'd be disappointed. No, I wasn't! Nothing turned out exactly as I thought it would which was refreshing. But Reed's actions and choices left a bitter taste in my mouth; and I have to say I'm very worried about how and when the consequences of her actions will start to blow up in her face and I'm really scared for her. With all this happening there was only one thing running through my mind, "This is one awesome book".

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