Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Part 2: Hallway Diaries: Double Act by Debbie Rigaud

All her life Mia Chambers has always been "the smart girl" in school. But at her new school that's hardly the case. Everyone is just as smart (probably even more so) than she is. Now, in the areas that she use to excel in she's failing. Not only that the kids at her old school believe that she thinks she's too good for them.

But Mia knows better. She knows that she is better than the grades she making at that school. She also knows that despite the differences between the kids at her old and new school she can still be down with both. The only problem is proving this to herself and everyone else.

Mia Chambers is a character I can definitely identify with. Like with How To Be Down I was worried that everthing in this story wouldn't flow. And like the last story I'm happy to report that both the story and dialogue was good even if the plot was a bit predictable. I enjoyed reading Mia's story. And I don't think I'll be worrying about the last sory in this book.

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