Saturday, August 1, 2009

NEWS: Private to be a Web Series

It's official I am definitely behind in the book news. Apparently, our beloved Private book series is on it's way to becoming a web tv show. I'm not too sure on the details but I do know that the show premiers on August 11th 2009 and that there will be 20 episodes covering the first four books of the series. Kelsey Sanders (who's been in show like: Wizards of Waverly Place & iCarly) plays Reed. Also on the cast list is Brant Daugherty as Thomas, and singer/songwriter Evan Taubenfeld as Blake (Kieran's secret forbidden love interest). Speaking of Kieran there is a promotional web series called Private: The Casting Call where three contest winners-- who had auditioned for the role via a previous contest (again that I did not know about) Nicole, Janine, and Sanna. compete ANTM style to win the coveted role. You can see the episodes (4 out of the 6), and the web series online at

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