Friday, June 12, 2009

Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells


Sydney's longtime steady, Drew, unexpectedly bails. Raven can't decide between Caleb and Horace. They decide for her, and suddenly she's left with a sum total of zero boyfriends. Kelly's kinda-sorta boyfriend, Will, has plans for Valentine's Day. Just not with her.


Alexia's never had a broken heart, but that's because she's never had a serious boyfriend. So when her three BFFs turn up boyless, she's sympathetic...but maybe secretly-selfishly-glad. She has her friends back. She just has to help them get over their heartaches.


How else to get over the breakups but follow a few simple rules? It all goes well at first: There are girly sleepovers, cold shoulders, and the destruction of sentimental items. But even as the girls rediscover their friendship, rules are broken left and right. Soon the formerly heartbroken are on their way to becoming heartbreakers themselves.

Especially Alexia.

First (before I forget), this is an audio book review. the narrator Stina Nielsen did a good job narrating this story and actually made this novel a bit more enjoyable than it was. Yes, I didn't enjoy this story. I thought it would be a lot more fun and funy than it was. Instead it was unnecessary drama after unnecessary drama. A lot of the issues in this book could have been solved by simple communication. The choices characters made were predictable (I could see the outcome from chapter 2). To be fair, I did like the character Kelly I felt more sympathetic to her plight. Not because I went through something similar-- in the matters of the heart I'm more of a Alexia and that is why the novel was so unenjoyable to me because she caused most of the unnecessary drama and was obviously sabotaging her relationship. Anyway, as I was saying, I was more sympathetic to Kelly and her relationship drama because it's always a sad thing when (whether you're a guy or girl) you're more in love with someone and they just don't care about (or respect you) enough to let you go. As for the other two girls I barely remember their story lines. But I'm not so disappointed that I didn't enjoy this novels, which in itself something sad.

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