Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Marple: The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie

Year: 1932
Location: Multiple

The unifying premise for this short story collection is the Tuesday Club: six people who meet socially one evening at Jane Marple's home and then decide to meet regularly each Tuesday night to solve a mystery which a group member must relate.

I've actually read a Miss Marple mystery without realizing it in high school. It was a short story for a final or possibly mid term exam. I found it very fascinating and was curious enough to want to read more of her books. The Tuesday Club Murders, now called The Thirteen Problems, is like a stepping stone to the Miss Marple series. They give you a taste of what her mystery solving is like without actually having you dedicate yourself to the whole book. i liked all the stories and Miss Marple's brand of mystery solving, using the knowledge of people's characters as opposed to Hercule Poirot's use of psychological profiling. Dame Agatha Christie's works of fiction are extraordinary; each book is a constant reminder of why she is so loved in the world of mystery.

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